About Me


Trivial Facts About Me:

I am a writer, a teacher, and a mom.  I spend my mornings writing, my afternoons singing and dancing with little learners, and my evenings hanging out with my family.

I am picture-book-obsessed.  I owned over 1000 picture books before I even had kids (they were well-loved by my students though!).  My picture books are the only thing organized in my house.

I have watched the movie “You’ve Got Mail” an embarrassing number of times.  I fast-forward to the bookstore scenes, living vicariously through Meg Ryan, and imagine owning a children’s bookstore in New York.  I would also like to attend that literary cocktail party in the movie where they serve drinks with lots of ice, and caviar and …turkey?

I used to run a cooking school for kids in my home.  I would have 10-15 preschoolers in my kitchen making ambitious treats like phyllo egg rolls, pad thai, and petit fours, following seasonal themes.   Some of the recipes I created for Winterberries and Apple Blossoms had their “test-drive” in these classes.

I have never met or even spoken with Francois Thisdale, the dreamy illustrator for Bird Child.  Francois speaks French and I speak English but I feel that the illustrations and text for Bird Child speak the same language!